6/10 Word Sentences

So I’ve had an interesting couple of weeks. So interesting, that I can’t even begin to describe them to you. 

My mind has been crazy busy editing ANOTHER draft of KeyNovel. That, combined with some annoying life matters, has me in a writing funk. Monica took pity on me and gave me a new challenge: 6/10 word prompt. 

I took it just a step further. I combined this with her original prompt: Think of a place or situation where you are totally, completely, deeply uncomfortable. That’s your setting.

There’s so many things in this world that make me uncomfortable. One of them being the existence of “rape culture.” It’s a scary world we live in, but because brave heroes are finally speaking up, we are making a difference. I saw this (see gifs below) on Tumblr today and allowed it to kick start my interesting post for you guys. 

Hope you all enjoy it. It’s just something small for now… BUT IT’S SOMETHING!!!!  (I’m working really hard on a novel for you guys so don’t be angry with me!!!) 

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6/10 Word Sentence

I had a friend once, and then she died suddenly.

Her name was Annalisa but her family called her Ann.

They found her body in the river, her soul missing.

They took her out, let her dry, while I cried.

Ann’s father said he would out why she died.

I nodded, but kept my mouth shut.


Cause I knew what had taken my precious friend’s life.

It wasn’t a murderer: I wished that was the case.

It was a demon much stronger. His name was suicide.

She’d left a note, but only to me. Ten words:

I couldn’t live in constant fear of being raped again.

Ann’s final words will always haunt me.


She’d been delivered the lie that it was all her fault.

That somehow, she wanted to be molested against her will.

That if she’d fought him off, it wouldn’t have happened;

And if she’d dressed modestly, she would have been safe.

She must have given him some inclination she wanted him.

No, they didn’t blame the rapist.


On the river bank, I vowed to make a stand.

No longer would I let this madness run free, unchecked.

We lived in a Rape Culture reality. I hated that.

Blame the victim? Protect the rapist? That had to stop.

People needed to speak out. Voices needed to be heard.

And I was the one screaming.


My friend may be gone, but her memory still remains.

I felt Ann’s presence as I took to the press.

I may be one person, but I have big lungs.

And with everyone’s help, one day we’ll make a difference.

No more silence. No more shame. Our time is now.

Speak out. Report injustice. Save lives.



Monica’s Prompt: Character A and Character B are in an accident together (car accident, bus crash, natural disaster, etc.) and end up sharing a hospital room. Tell their story. 


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  1. monica

    My dear Radish friend, this is free verse poetry! And it’s really good! (The whole idea of the 6 (or 10) word story challenge is to tell a whole story in only 6 or 10 words, but we can try that again another day.) You paint a heartbreaking picture of the reality far too many of today’s women live in. I know you wrote this quickly and you’ve been having less than an awesome time with writing as of late, but this is a piece that shows you have range. Nicely done.

    And as for the prompt you gave me, thanks for giving me an excuse to feed the plot bunnies even though I still need to finish this 1st draft of my current WIP!

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