Prompt: I ignored both of the prompts Sarah gave me because I am so close to being done with the first draft of a manuscript – woot woot! As such, that’s where my focus has been. However, I did recently enter a story contest where the prompt was write 300 words from the point of view of a ghost. I didn’t win, but I had fun with this snap-shot of a story.

I didn’t really notice much of a change when I became a ghost. It was a lot like living in that even though my life was over, things went on as usual for everyone else, bills to pay and time to waste. To be fair, I could still do those things. Especially the waste time part. People don’t expect anything of me anymore because people don’t expect me anymore.

The only interesting part about being a ghost is when I’m seen. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I’m as shocked as the viewer. Like yesterday.  The sky wasn’t gray in the park. It was blank, like it simply couldn’t be bothered to make an effort to pick any color at all. The wind stung exposed cheeks, made eyes water. Still, with the break in the rain, some people ventured out.

I was at my bench by the bus stop in my usual attire. My once bright blue shirt faded, just like my eyes and jeans. She walked her dog along the path, red coat and yellow boots blazing given the lack of color everywhere else. Most people keep walking, not stopping to shudder at the chill my presence typically brings.

She stopped.

Not only did she stop, but she looked me in the eye. “Are you okay? Do you have a coat?” I wasn’t moving before, but now I was frozen still.

That’s when the bus pulled up. “You comin’, sweetheart?”

My feet went on autopilot. When I took my usual seat next to the window, she was still looking at me.

Like I said, being noticed at all is rare, so this was uncanny. I’ve been a ghost for so long now; I haven’t really been alive in years.

It’s just that no one told my body.

Coming up next on Stories by SaM: a break. Dear readers, we love you. We do. But Sarah and I have been talking and given other projects we’re working on, we are going to take a bit of a break here. The next story you see posted here will most likely be a guest post, and here’s hoping Sarah and I will be back to entertain you all with our rapier wit by December if not sooner! Until then, Stay Radish!


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