Who Are SaM?

Don’t you mean “Who is Sam?”


monica and sarah

Nope. SaM are aspiring novelists and critique partners, Sarah and Monica (hence, SaM). Sarah is an American on the other side of the pond. Monica is an American in America. Both have manuscripts in the works, big dreams and ideas, and want to practice different skills in a short story format. And we want to do it here on the Internet for everyone to see.

Why “Stay Radish”?

Because it’s how Sarah and Monica met. Once upon a time on September 30, 2012, there was a Maggie Stiefvater book signing at Anderson’s Bookshop in Naperville, Illinois. Sarah was with her sister, Monica was alone, and the three struck up a conversation about the previous night’s Doctor Who episode (lots of fangirling and mourning the end of Amy Pond and Rory’s time on the show…but we digress…). Anyway! It was time for the actual books to get signed, and Monica asked Sarah if she would mind taking a picture of her with Maggie. Sarah said yes, the picture was taken, and when Monica asked if it looked okay, Sarah replied, “You look radish.” She had meant “radient,” then halfway through her mouth changed her mind to “ravishing”, but radish is what came out. And so an inside joke with a New York Times bestselling author and a critique partnership was born! It’s a nice metaphor for writing and life, too – sometimes the best stories are the ones you couldn’t make up if you tried =)

So, that, dear readers, is why we want you to Stay Radish!