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An Update

Well Radishes, as the title of this post suggests, this is not going to be a post with a story in it. At least not a fictional one, or one that was specifically designed with this blog in mind. Nope, this is an update. While this is usually the day of the month when I’d be uploading a new story, November saw our hiatus continue and that will be the case for part of December as well.

Don’t fret, though! I promise, everything is fine. In fact, writing has been happening! I finished a first draft of a novel in early November and have been hard at work editing and revising (as they say, writing is rewriting). I also did write a short story for a contest at the urging of a coworker, but I can only post it here if I didn’t win, which I won’t know until January. It’s something I’d never thought I’d do in a million years before SaM but now, not quite so scary. And Sarah has been doing her own thing as well.

So again, be assured that this is not an end to our little radish patch in our corner of the Internet. Both of us will be writing either Christmas or holiday or New Years stories and posting them later this month, and fingers crossed we will be back to our usual schedule in 2015. But until then, please stick with us and Stay Radish!



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