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Prompt: I ignored both of the prompts Sarah gave me because I am so close to being done with the first draft of a manuscript – woot woot! As such, that’s where my focus has been. However, I did recently enter a story contest where the prompt was write 300 words from the point of view of a ghost. I didn’t win, but I had fun with this snap-shot of a story.

I didn’t really notice much of a change when I became a ghost. It was a lot like living in that even though my life was over, things went on as usual for everyone else, bills to pay and time to waste. To be fair, I could still do those things. Especially the waste time part. People don’t expect anything of me anymore because people don’t expect me anymore. Continue reading


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I Want Candy

Prompt: Tell the story of Halloween from the perspective of a piece of candy. Well, I tried to do scary. I’m don’t like being scared, but in the spirit of Halloween, I tried to give it a shot. Not my favorite story ever, but I wanted to post it today to go with the holiday. Have a spook-tacular day and Stay Radish!

A string of four-letter words coursed through me with each step I took.

Jerk. Cold. Shit. Boys.

Once I reached my car at the end of the street and a lifetime away from a terrible party that I knew would be awful, only one word is left. Idiot. I was such an idiot. Why else did I come to a Halloween party hosted by someone I can’t stand, wearing a modified m&m costume that is completely un-sexy thankyouverymuch?

Because I’m a masochist with a crush on an idiot boy, that’s why. Continue reading


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Sixteen Stops

Lately my stories have been long which can be great when they’re doing something and painful when they aren’t, so I set out to limit myself – no more than 2000 words. This story ended up going in a direction that I wasn’t expecting. If you haven’t been able to tell so far, I like stories that end with hope. But writing and life has been challenging as of late, and I took it out on my story…enjoy! haha

As soon as I sat down, I started counting. Sixteen stops. I was sixteen stops on the CTA Blue Line and a short car ride away from a long day and a longer night finally being over. I wrapped my arms around my middle, clutched my clutch with one hand, closed my eyes and took a deep breath to release some of the tension.

Then I coughed because the El car smelled like pee. The man across from me looked up from his book, his eyes expressing a silent and sad me too. For a second, we were connected, but in a blink he was back to his reading.

A group of four people probably in their mid-twenties like me sat on the opposite side of the car down by the other set of doors. Their laughter bounced around in the still, stench-filled air. One guy took pictures of the two girls making faces with his phone while the other kept glancing at me. Not in a checking me out kind of way, unfortunately, but his expression was warm and curious. Something about him was familiar, like a song that’s played in the background of a commercial. Continue reading


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Inside Brian’s Brain

Prompt: Write about your antagonist’s life at the age of 16. This one is interesting for me because I’m currently in the process of outlining and developing a new manuscript idea. I want to get to know my antagonist, but I don’t want to give too much away to you all. So if it feels like I’m holding back in this post which is less like a story and more like a character portrait, it’s because I am =P

Knowledge is power, and that was Brian’s biggest problem with the system. It gave people too much power, and when the uneducated, ignorant, self-centered mongrels that made up the general population had knowledge, were given power, of course things were going to go wrong. Continue reading

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Don’t Shoot

The Prompt: To engage your readers and hook them in from the first line, it’s a great idea to start in media res, which means into the middle of things. So, instead of opening with long descriptions of background and prior events, jump straight into the action. This is immediately more engaging for the reader. The trick for the writer is then to drip-feed into the narrative information about prior situations the reader needs without it becoming too intrusive and, well, boring.

He then went on to give a couple examples of “media res” and said to use one of them as an opening line for today’s story. I was quite pleased with my opening line (Max had one bullet left. He had to make it count.) and had I gotten more sleep the night before, the story might have been a little longer. For now, it is just something short and… sweet. 

Also, I used to have a dog named Max. He was a doberman and had a floppy ear. 


Don’t Shoot 

Max had one bullet left. He had to make it count. Continue reading

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