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Pink Lady

Prompt: The last TV show you watched is now your life story. Well, in usual Radish fashion, I’m going to sort of follow this prompt, but first twist it to meet my needs. I recently watched a documentary about the BBC show Sherlock and that got me thinking: documentary, behind the scenes, nonfiction. I also recently read Mindy Kaling’s memoir, a collection of essays about her life so far. So instead of getting a fictional story from me this month, here is a dose of truth.

Like a lot of girls I know, growing up my bedroom was pink. Not outrageously bright or anything. The walls were a soft pink, the exact same color as the Washington DC cherry trees in bloom, and perfectly matched first my Precious Moments drapes and bedspread.

When I was younger, I loved it. It was the perfect setting for adventures with dolls and hours of dress up. And then as I got older, I went from loving it to liking it to trying to convince myself that I still liked it. Finally the truth was undeniable: pink was simply not my color. Continue reading



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He Thought, She Thought

Prompt: Well, there was no prompt posted today, so I felt it was safe to assume that since the theme of the week seems to have been points of view, I’d tackle another one: third person omniscient  Not sure where to start, I decided to keep going with the story Sarah started yesterday. Here’s what I threw together – enjoy!

It was like the guy was having a kind of fit or something, Fern decided. Well, not exactly. He was just going along, glancing at his watch like always, minding his own business, until all of a sudden he just wasn’t. He stopped dead in his tracks, right in the middle of the busy sidewalk and let people run into him.

She wanted to be a good person and see if he was okay, but with this guy, well, he was just so weird. Every day he came by looking like he was too good for the rest of the student body – never mind the fact that they had all gotten accepted into the incredibly competitive school – and that he’d rather be anywhere else. His movements were precise, unkind, cold. Everything about him made her feel like someone must have dumped starch on him as a baby and he never learned how to loosen up.

Until that moment when he started looking at her. His eyes locked on hers, studying her with an intensity that both interested her and terrified her. She kept his gaze as she put the bookmark back in her novel – a great story about a blue-haired fairy who could play with time – and stood up on her blanket in the grass as stepped off the sidewalk and towards her.  Continue reading


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   Sarah:Warning: Here was my prompt..
             Think of a fascinating character from your life (past or present). Think about what they wanted on a particular day. Write that story.
So I wrote about my best friend when she wanted to be a superhero… and then I made an entire story out of it that isn’t true….. Does that count?

   Monica: Sure! There are NO RULES!!

With that being said, I set to work at typing out this story. (Which comes to you all a day later as I have the talent of getting the flu at least once a month… bleh.)

I had way too much fun writing this story and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. Cheers!!

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