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Life in Living Color

Hello Radishes! As you may or may not have noticed, this story is being posted not on the first of the month. That’s because I didn’t write it on time. Or, actually, I haven’t written it yet. For various reasons both interesting and mundane, it didn’t happen, but the biggest one is that I’m in a bit of a creative drought at present. However, in the last day or so I started having an inkling for a story based on the prompt Sarah gave me (the first line of my story must be “No way!” and the last must be “You still owe me twenty bucks.”) and just now I’ve decided to let you all see what a first-ish draft for me looks like because I’m making this up as I go 🙂

“No way.”

“If you have a problem, you can keep your eyes closed. Or just watch a movie. It’s a nine hour flight and if you watch me with more than a passing interest for more then ten seconds – ”

“I get it, I get it.” Even though Nick understood Claire’s tone loud and clear, that did not make the questions about what she was doing vanish. He roughed his hand through his short blond hair and rubbed the sleep away from his eyes, leftovers from their first flight of the day.

Though her head was down giving the illusion she was fiercely focused on the tray table before her, Claire did see Nick’s perplexed expression. She assumed it was perplexed, anyway. Her glasses were of no help when it came to peering out of the corner of her eye. Still, it was more than ten seconds and he was still looking. “If you have something to say, say it.” Continue reading


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The Sentinel

Since the story I posted yesterday was really supposed to go up the day before, this post puts me back ‘on schedule.’

Prompt: I don’t know because again, I decided to go with my own idea. This story is dedicated to those serving in the Armed Forces and their families, as well as those who have come before, on this Memorial Day Weekend. I’m eternally grateful for the sacrifices you all make and this is my way of saying Thank You.

The old man was consumed with rage. It’s the first time in my entire life my grandfather has ever yelled at me, but I didn’t mind. I just stood there and took it.

Grandma was outraged, though. “Otto! You stop that!”

But he’d have none of it. “I mean it, Wanda! This is ridiculous that she’s been dating this boy for so long and he still doesn’t have the decency to come meet her family. I don’t like this boy. He’s not good enough for you. Work can be rescheduled.”

I shake my head. “He’s the most decent, most honorable man I’ve ever known other than you, Pops. Please. I’ll show you. Take a drive with me.” Continue reading

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That Moment When

[Writing Prompt] Set At A Wedding

So for my short story, I decided to do a nonfiction dedication to everyone who made my wedding special. It may not make that much sense to everyone, but it just felt right.

And of course, this is dedicated to my husband, Jonathan. I love you, Jonathan and am so thankful for you!!!

That Moment When

There once was a girl who learned that the most important thing about a wedding isn’t about where you get married. It isn’t about what kind of food gets served. It isn’t about the music you picked out for the reception either. It’s not about things going perfectly because—let’s face it—nothing ever goes the way one plans. It isn’t about the cake that you hope tastes delicious and it isn’t about making everyone else happy. It isn’t about the pictures that you hope you don’t look silly in.

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