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Holiday Magic Inside

“James! Are we heating the whole world now? Close the door!”

The boy groaned and complied, but not before taking one last look around the back alley. He didn’t see the door latch shut behind him, but he heard its distinctive click and felt it in his gut.

I should have made a run for it, he thought.

“James! Quit daydreaming when there’s work to do!”

“Yes, Mom,” he said, but she had already moved on to other things. This nook was the only relatively quiet place in the shop, sandwiched between the bathroom and the kitchen. Here resided the old metal shelves full of cleaning supplies and a doormat saturated with a decades worth of street salt and crumbs.

Nothing magical here, which James found comforting as the only non-magical person working at Farmers Family Bakery. In that regard, he had more in common with the mop than he did with his parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and even the stragglers who worked here all with talents that it was feeling like he’d never have.

But there wasn’t time to dwell on that, not two days before Christmas. Continue reading


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Daydream Believer

girl in door rough.tifMy Prompt: This picture.
Okay. I can do that.

Lily peeked out from her hiding spot, the door only creaking open as far as the old chain lock on the outside would allow. It was just enough for one of her big brown eyes to see Robbie dashing up the stairs, his ridiculous red cape billowing behind him as the evil witch stood right outside.

“You wretched child!” she wailed. “The both of you!” Lily eased the thick door shut, but she could still hear the echoes of Robbie’s taunts at the powerful hag along with the sounds of his footsteps in the cavernous foyer.

With her back against the door, Lily took a deep breath. The pitch-black room was unnerving, but for whatever reason, she felt better when closed her eyes. At least the inside of her eyelids brought a darkness that was familiar.

Okay, Lily, she thought. This is it. You can do this. You can do this. She had to do this. Especially now that Robbie was out there, risking his life against the evil Kamila. This was their one chance. Continue reading

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