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Holiday Magic Inside

“James! Are we heating the whole world now? Close the door!”

The boy groaned and complied, but not before taking one last look around the back alley. He didn’t see the door latch shut behind him, but he heard its distinctive click and felt it in his gut.

I should have made a run for it, he thought.

“James! Quit daydreaming when there’s work to do!”

“Yes, Mom,” he said, but she had already moved on to other things. This nook was the only relatively quiet place in the shop, sandwiched between the bathroom and the kitchen. Here resided the old metal shelves full of cleaning supplies and a doormat saturated with a decades worth of street salt and crumbs.

Nothing magical here, which James found comforting as the only non-magical person working at Farmers Family Bakery. In that regard, he had more in common with the mop than he did with his parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and even the stragglers who worked here all with talents that it was feeling like he’d never have.

But there wasn’t time to dwell on that, not two days before Christmas. Continue reading


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Iced Latte.


Hey guys!! 

This is the last short story for me for 2013!! Come 2014, SaM will be filled with more of mine and “M’s” shorts. Be looking forward to it!

This short story is… as per the holiday season… CHRISTMAS THEMED!! I adore Christmas. It fills me up with gingerbread goodness and makes the happiness ooze out of me. I can’t get enough of it, honestly. 

The prompt we ran with write a story that begins with: “Off in the distance, I hear the sound of sleigh bells” I REEEEEEEEEEEALLY enjoyed this prompt and I hope you guys enjoy what I pulled out of my brain.
(If there are formatting errors of silly typos, I apologize as my word processor is currently MIA.)

Enjoy everyone and HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Disclaimer: This is just a simple Christmas story about a bah humbug with bah humbug parents. There is no connection to my Christmases past. (Love ya, parents!)

And as always, stay radish, guys. 

Iced Latte


Off in the distance, I hear the sound of sleigh bells. That’s the sort of thing you’ll hear inside the mall on December 24th. There’s also the sound of mothers screaming at their kids as they pull them along, leaving the wondrous toy store behind them. Occasionally, you’ll hear the generic teenager running over to the Starbucks I work at explaining to her friends that she needs her daily “coffee fix” right before she orders a caramel frappachino with extra caramel.

I remember a time when Christmas excited me. Before my parents divorced, Christmas was the one day out of the year where the fighting was set aside and peace became the new focus. Even my older brother stopped his almost constant alcohol intake to enjoy a Christmas turkey. I’d give and get gifts and there wouldn’t be a frown in sight.

And each year I made the same wish: Let this never end.  Continue reading


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A Sister and Some Advice

Merry Christmas, Radishes! It’s been a while since we’ve posted here, but that should be changing soon! For the holiday, Sarah and I have both written stories that have to start with the line “Off in the distance, I hear the sound of sleigh bells” which was perfect for me because I wanted to write some Christmas-y scenes in my WIP, so I double dipped here. Happy Holidays and Stay Radish!

Off in the distance, I hear the sound of sleigh bells. The sky has yet to decide which color she’ll be today, though from my perch in the window seat of Grandpa’s old study, it’s clear that Mother Nature is determined for the snow to stick around a while longer. Midwest winters are always cold with the kinds of temperatures that bite ears and sting eyes, but I’ve lived through enough of them to appreciate that it’s actually warmed up a bit. Yesterday when I left for my last day of school before Winter Break, the thermometer said it was 9 degrees. Even through the glass, I can tell it’s not that bad. Probably around 14 if I had to guess. Continue reading

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